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TheDomainSales.com is a division of NameDifference, llc.  Our parent company maintains a portfolio of domain names and we make them available for purchase or lease to our customers and clients.  We also list for sale domains owned by others providing them with Professional Brokerage Services. 

Hundreds of our domain names have been sold to end users.  We take great pride in helping companies and individuals find that "special" web address that will provide them with the best chance for success.

We believe that the whole world benefits from adding useful websites to the internet.  We strive to find exceptional domain names to be the address of those sites.

We take great pride in matching buyer and seller to help each achieve there goal.


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There are many options available today and we can help you make an excellent choice. The .com domains are still highly desired, but there are hundreds of New TLDs to choose from as well.


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We bought our first domain in 2007.  I received a promo email from Godaddy.com suggesting that I buy a .mobi domain (anyone remember .mobi).  Simply said, I got excited about the domain name market. Now, after buying and selling thousands of domains I know what a high quality domain name is.  It truly does pay to buy the best!  

I am President of NameDifference, LLC and TheDomainSales.com.  We have been investing in domain names and following the market for many years.  My background is diverse and I have had business interests in the Transportation, Mortgage and Medical Benefits industries.

My focus has always been on Sales and Marketing which is why I think the domain name industry is so interesting.  You simply cannot market your business and/or yourself without a strong and professional online presence.  If you have an interest or enterprise of any nature, and want the public to be aware of it, you have to be online. People go there first to learn more about you and your interests.

The early pioneers of the internet and Domain Industry have understood the value of Quality Domain Names for years. The rest of the world has learned, and are now aware of the importance as well.  They just don't always know where to find one or how to obtain it.

TheDomainSales.com is here to help you achieve your goal!

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